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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1071 – Reversing Yin and Yang spiteful hard-to-find
Such a pity. I might developed into a toad right after getting the Elixir of Immortality. I don’t want to become a 2nd Chang’e.
Moon G.o.ddess sighed.
Involved in the endless chilly, the logger suddenly disclosed an unusual teeth.
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“Oh no! The Elixir of Immortality is highly refined in the Shrub of Immortality containing the Yin attribute. It will supercharge Chang’e’s Yin feature which is extremely helpful against flame-elemental powers. However, since the logger has changed for the ice characteristic, Chang’e’s power to restrain him has greatly damaged. It’s difficult to destroy or restrain him now. As soon as the negative effects of the Elixir of Immortality lose color, nobody is able to avoid the logger. It seems such as the Moon will definitely be doomed this period.”
Confronted with the unlimited ice cold, the logger suddenly discovered an unusual look.
As being the Shrub of Immortality was harmed, the entire Moon started to tremble. Serious ravines appeared over the Moon because they constantly spread out. It appeared such as the ending of the universe was coming.
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Zhou Wen was somewhat scared as he saw Jade Rabbit’s cranky start looking. He didn’t would like it to click the Shrub of Immortality.
“I never envisioned that we would need to depend upon the potency of this your body to redeem the matter.” The logger increased his arm and checked out his palm. “Although this body system is quite weak, his Lifestyle Heart and soul is surprisingly helpful. It will be able to invert Yin and Yang. Even I helped greatly from this. I really have to give thanks to him.”
Anything that came across the ice cold froze instantly. As for the Plant of Immortality, it turned out to be much more spirited amidst the frosty.
“As you can observe, Jade Rabbit’s sturdiness is excessively ferocious. If you let it end the logger, I am hesitant the Plant of Immortality is going to be wrecked by it. That ice demon from the sizing just has just joined the Terror level. It’s too poor, so it’s out of the question because of it to avoid the logger.”
All the different the flames started to be smaller sized and smaller sized. Ultimately, these were tied to a smallish vicinity. The logger made an appearance once more as if he could no longer retain his Terror type.
“Is there not one other way?” Zhou Wen inquired by using a frown.
Thats a pity. I might develop into a toad immediately after taking the Elixir of Immortality. I don’t want becoming a subsequent Chang’e.
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Faced with the infinite chilly, the logger suddenly unveiled a strange laugh.
Zhou Wen appeared over and spotted that right after the frosty fumes dissipated, the logger’s body showed up. It acquired already turned into an an ice pack sculpture and was completely freezing.
Considering that the infinite cold atmosphere possessed already surged to the logger, the remaining flames around him extinguished—he was approximately being frozen on the frosty surroundings.
Zhou Wen was alarmed.
Whatever encountered the frosty froze promptly. When it comes to Shrub of Immortality, it started to be additional spirited amidst the frosty.
Adhering to that, Zhou Wen noticed a remarkably alarming scene. The chilly air flow that packed the heavens surged towards the Tree of Immortality for instance a tsunami.
He summoned Jade Rabbit again, reluctant so it would accidentally hurt or injure the Shrub of Immortality.
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“How is achievable! He definitely has fireplace-elemental capabilities, and it’s a fire-elemental electrical power containing already Terror altered. How do he suddenly change to ice-cubes?” Ice Maiden was alarmed as she stared in the logger in disbelief.
If Earth is actually similar to the Moon and its a Associate Egg, if those fellows from the measurement really find a way to take it to reality, then humans…
Zhou Wen knew when he extended hesitating, the Tree of Immortality might really be cut down via the logger. With no reluctance, he threw an Elixir of Immortality on the dark-precious metal toad that Chang’e obtained turned into.
Probably a small amount of individuals can use outer forces to avoid from Earth, nonetheless they would be inside the ultra-minority.
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“As you will observe, Jade Rabbit’s power is excessively ferocious. As we allow it to end the logger, I am hesitant the Shrub of Immortality shall be damaged by it. That ice cubes demon out of the dimension merely has just entered the Terror level. It’s too weakened, so it’s unattainable for this to halt the logger.”
Exactly what experienced the cool froze promptly. As for the Tree of Immortality, it grew to be far more spirited amidst the ice cold.
Zhou Wen checked out the Moon that was on the brink of damage and may even already think about what World would appear like.
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Moon G.o.ddess sighed lightly.
The planet earth would fracture, volcanoes would erupt, and seawater would drown almost everything. Mankind possessed nowhere to cover up. 99.99% in excess of 10 billion men and women would die in a very short time.
However, when he saw the frosty Wei Ge’s term, Zhou Wen observed that a little something was amiss. There was a grin on his lips that directed chills down his spine.
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Following Chang’e swallowed the Elixir of Immortality, a large amount of frosty air flow instantly surged beyond her, leading to her entire body to quickly disappear completely as she sent back to her Terror shape.
Following that, Zhou Wen observed a very terrifying world. The chilly fresh air that stuffed the heavens surged towards Tree of Immortality similar to a tsunami.
Even so, as he found the freezing Wei Ge’s concept, Zhou Wen observed that some thing was amiss. There is a smile on his lips that mailed chills down his back.
Within the next next, the mind-boggling cold toxic gases completely drowned the logger’s figure. Besides the cool gases, there were nothing else pressure. Not really a small fire could be noticed.

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